Darla Haun


Darla teaches hosting and acting.


Darla Haun has been doing Infomercials from before the time they were called Infomercials! In the beginning, Agents called them half -hour commercials.

Today, Darla has shot over sixty- five infomercials selling exercise equipment, kitchen goods, diet plans, power tools and cleaning products.

Darla has been the spokesperson for FlavorWave with Mr. T, Dermablend by Loreal and the Adrien Arpel lines of cosmetics. She has worked with Jerry Rice, George Forman, Mr. T, Tony Little, Anthony Sullivan and John Perkins. Darla has sold well over one hundred million dollars worth of infomercials.

Some of the other products include: Slim’N’Lift, Ab Lounger, Tony Little’s Gazelle, Win Gym, Brown’N’Crisp, Euro-Cannister, Suzuki, Ez Krunch, Facial Magic*, Hewlett Packard, and the Proform Cross Trainer.

In addition to her lucrative infomercial career, Darla Haun has had a successful acting career. Below is a list of some of her films and television shows.

Please visit www.DarlaHaun.com to view her reels and portfolio. 

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