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Dimitri will workshop scenes from his current film and television projects. Please visit www.dimitrisite.com to view his reel and portfolio.

            Since his early days as director of acclaimed feature films, television and documentaries, Dimitri Logothetis,  has excelled in all genres ranging from dramas to thrillers and comedies.  In addition to his artistic endeavors Dimitri Logothetis has run three companies, managed over three hundred employees around the world and implemented over one hundred fifty million dollars of production financing.

            Dimitri just completed writing a six hour mini-series to Warner Brothers and Turner called “Momo,” which he is Executive Producing, on the famous mobster Sam Giancana. Previously Dimitri made “The Lost Angel,” which he produced and Directed in Saskatchewan, Canada for  Lifetime.  Prior to that Dimitri was Executive Producer/Showrunner of thirteen episodes of Dark Realm, a year 2002 Twilight Zone, hosted by Eric Roberts.  In addition to producing, Dimitri directed the two parter for Dark Realm.  Previosly, Dimitri Logothetis was the Executive Producer/Showrunner of Code Name Eternity, a 26 hour Warners  television series.  Dimitri also directed four of the Code Name episodes.

In 1999 Dimitri directed the new television action adventure series two-hour pilot “Air America” created by Phil Degere and starring Lorenzo Llamas.  After the pilot the company put Dimitri on rotation, he  directed eight Air America’s. Previously, he just completed directing the syndicated television series  “Mike Hammer”  with Stacey Keach.

            In 1997 Dimitri flew to Europe and directed the pilot episode of The New Adventures of Robin HoodRage of the Monguls, and  Nightmare of the Magic Castle,  the hour long, action series starring Mathew Porreta for Turner/Warners.   Turner premiered the series with Dimitri’s episode,  to record high ratings. Earlier that year Dimitri directed and produced the western Cheyenne.  This film was shot   on location in Moab Utah.


Wrote and set to Exec Produce a six hour mini- series for TNT and Warners called “Momo’ about infamous mobster Sam Giancana.

Directed and Produced for Lifetime.

In 1996 Dimitri completed two Showtime original movies; Hungry for You which he directed and  Club VR  which he produced.

            Dimitri  entered tomorrow’s multimedia superhighway by producing and directing Solar Eclipse, a futuristic CD ROM action adventure, for San Francisco based Crystal Dynamics. This high concept “Top Gun” in outer space game was featured on the new Sega and Sony game platforms.

            In 1994,  Dimitri produced and directed  Body Shot, a film noir thriller starring Robert Patrick (Terminator 2,  Strip Tease, Fire in the Sky) and Michelle Johnson (Far and Away and Blame it on Rio).  Body Shot was made for Cappella International who distributed Nobody's Fool, Carlito's Way and My Life. 

            In 1991, Dimitri found and developed the first original Stephen King screenplay, Sleepwalkers.  He served as executive producer on this picture, a major success for Columbia Pictures.

            In 1989, Dimitri fulfilled the desire of every filmmaker who dreams of autonomy, and co-founded his own production company.  Here he had the freedom to bring to the screen such projects as The Closer with Danny Aiello, which opened to rave reviews.    Variety declared that the film was "gracefully" directed by the new director Logothetis and Aiello's performance a "career triumph".  

            At the beginning of that same year Dimitri directed one of the most successful worldwide feature film documentaries ever, Champions Forever, with Mohammed Ali.  A film that brought together on screen,  for the first time,  five of the greatest living heavyweight boxing champions of the world.  The documentary  has been on the best seller lists since its release.

            Dimitri, in 1987, directed Slaughterhouse Rock for United Artists.  This successful horror classic went

Exec.Producer/Showrunner 13 episodes for Warner Brothers.

Exec. Producer/Showrunner of 26 episodes for Warner Brothers.

on to win a Silver Scroll Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, as well as the Golden Star Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council.


            In 1986, Dimitri made his directorial debut with Pretty Smart, on which he also served as producer, for New World Pictures.  That same year Dimitri developed and produced the very successful motion picture Hardbodies 2, a Columbia Pictures release.

Fresh out of film school in 1979, he was assigned by Capitol Records to direct a film documentary The Knack at Carnegie Hall for this highly controversial rock group.  In addition he added to his growing collection of awards the prestigious Belding Award for his still remembered Merle Norman commercial.

            During his graduate program at Loyola Marymount University in film and television directing he was accepted - as one of ten from the entire state of California - into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' coveted Director's Internship Program at Warner Brothers.  While earning his master's degree he completed his first short,  Call Me Kaiser,   which caught the attention of the film community by winning seven major awards including the Athens Ohio International Film Festival,  and Roger Corman chose him for the Samuel Z. Arkoff Film Award.  Verna Fields, Vice President of Production at Universal Studios was a judge at one of the local film festivals and brought Dimitri to Universal,  to develop a motion picture for his directorial debut.

            After Dimitri graduated High School he launched on a very successful acting career working on stage in over fifty productions and in several motion pictures including The Choirboys, Victory at Entebbe and New York, New York.  On New York, New York he met Martin Scorsese who inspired Dimitri to pursue motion picture directing.

            Throughout his career, this filmmaker's command of story, acting technique, camera, lighting, editing, and special effects has made him one of the most innovative filmmakers in Hollywood.


 Found, purchased, developed and Executive Produced.


Directed by veteran filmmaker Dimitri Logothetis, THE LOST ANGEL is nonetheless a fresh, tough and exciting piece of work that thrills, frighten and lingers long after. Despite being eclipsed by over-budgeted and bloated “Hollywood epics”, meaning the latest remake, comic book adaptation or done-to-death sequel, this superlative 2004 effort proves that well-produced crossovers of horror and thriller can still turn up out of the blue, to surprise connoisseurs of extreme cinema. LA Times “The Lost Angel

Haunted houses, dark evil characters with supernatural powers, strange disappearances, threatening neighbors with shotguns, evil dogs, cemeteries.... These are all elements in episodes of a new series called Dark Realm. It keeps the audience gripped to the couch, chattering their teeth and covering their eyes half-way. France Jour ” Dark Realm”

Director Dimitri Logothetis  keeps a firm rein,  tightening the suspense,  highlighting the nuances of characters,  driving the action forward and giving us a convincing,  memorable love story in the bargain.

- LA  Magazine on “Cheyenne” 

“Solar Eclipse”  is filled with well acted cinemas and one of the best shot story lines I have ever seen.   There is no such thing as perfection but Solar Eclipse comes close!  The splendid graphics,  cool music and endless fun factor make this one of the best games released on the 32-bit to date. Solar Eclipse is more than just a game,  it’s an interactive movie!

- Saturn Review on “Solar Eclipse”

"Director Dimitri Logothetis establishes a breakneck pace that never let's up,  and he draws magnetic performances from leads Robert Patrick and Michele Johnson.  This exciting sleeper brings back images of Bogart (The Maltese Falcon)  Alan Ladd  (This Gun for Hire)  and Dick Powell (Murder my Sweet)  while still

Director/Producer for HBO.

Developed, Directed and Produced one of the highest selling documentaries of all time.

maintaining a contemporary flavor.  Like Blood Simple by the Coen brothers,  Body Shot vibrates with the sound of a fresh,  imaginative new directorial voice."

- LA Magazine on "Body Shot"

"This film is gracefully directed by Dimitri Logothetis and is very interesting to watch.  He honors stylistically "Twelve Angry Men," and Elia Kazan's "On the Waterfront"  with a film noire look Logothetis brings to the piece."

- Daily Variety on "The Closer"

"Logothetis masterfully weaves multiple screen images in this documentary, including the fighters,  news footage,  narration,  and intense  boxing in a way that reignites the time period.  At times you feel like your watching a motion picture."

- Los Angeles Times on "Champions Forever"

"Director Dimitri Logothetis is the hidden talent behind this film.  Logothetis brilliantly incorporates the horror

with the humor,  imposing a cinematic style that delivers entertainment every step of the way."

- Chicago Sun Times on "Slaughterhouse Rock" 

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