A cold reading class for GREAT auditions.

Taught by an accomplished Casting Director, Rosemary Welden

Rosemary Welden is an award winning Casting Director who has been working with actors and loving it for over twenty years. She started her career in Hollywood by working in the prestigious talent agency ICM, learning that she was drawn to the talent & creative side of the business, she moved to casting. (continued below)

Since then Rosemary has cast over one hundred feature films, many MOWs, commercials, episodic TV, and webisodes. Her films are seen at all the leading film festivals, and they have won top awards at Sundance & Tribeca, Los Angeles& other festivals. She is known for working on edgy, off beat projects and for discovering new & original talent. A partial list of the actors that she has worked with would include: Tobey Maguire, Benecio Del Torro, Robert Downey, Jr, Uma Thurman, Rachel Leigh Cook, Sean Astin , Cuba Gooding, Jr, Matt Davis, James Spader, Terrance Stamp, & Djimon Hounsou.

As a top Casting Director, Rosemary understands how important the audition is. Having seen first hand how actors can either create a lasting relationship through a great audition, or forever close a door through a bad impression, she is able to share techniques and tools that will empower actors. Her cold reading and audition technique classes are invaluable for the serious actor.

Acting Organics Class Format

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