A hosting class like no other!

Taught by an Accomplished Infomercial Host, Darla Haun

Darla has worked with Jerry Rice, George Forman, Mr. T, Tony Little, Anthony Sullivan and John Perkins. She has sold well over one hundred million dollars worth of products.

Some of the other products include: Slim’N’Lift, Ab Lounger, Tony Little’s Gazelle, Win Gym, Brown’N’Crisp, Euro-Cannister, Suzuki, Ez Krunch, Facial Magic*, Hewlett Packard, and the Proform Cross Trainer.

Please visit to view her bio, reel, and portfolio.

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Kira Gurnee - Hosting
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Avis Wrentmore - Hosting
(Watch in High Quality)
Tom Costello - Hosting
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